In our ongoing Imagined Life acting classes (in Los Angeles and online) we work with you, the professional working actor as well as the aspiring professional, delving deep into the empathic experience of the fictional first person, discovering your authentic voice, awakening your unique mission, igniting insightful discoveries and inspired playing through the exploration and expression of your Imagined Life using scripted materials from all mediums and genres.

Ongoing acting classes at The Imagined Life® 

your authentic i am

but guides you where to look. Self sufficiency is the greatest of all riches. The most important consequence of self-sufficiency is freedom. Epicurus

Our teaching philosophy is that a good teacher doesn't tell you what
to see-

Our in person and online acting classes offer the important mirroring experience found by watching and engaging with other artists. Every engagement is a mirror reflecting you back to yourself. Our classes offer you a deep dive excavation into scripted material, and include how to craft an impactful and influential interpretive framework (ie: what the industry calls “interesting choices”), what it means to play proactively instead of reactively (ie: in this business, you don’t want to be practiced at being only as talented as your acting partner) and the weekly opportunity to express your authentic, dynamic fictional first person I AM (You’re not playing a part- a part of you is playing.) You work on and play from scripted material of all mediums and genres.  Our classes are by invitation only, following your participation in our Imagined Life Introductory Workshop. 

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10am-3pm PST (via Zoom)


6pm-11pm PST (in person)

6:30pm-11:30pm PST (via Zoom)


6pm-11pm PST (via Zoom)

6:30pm-11:30pm PST (in person)


3:30pm-8:30pm PST (via Zoom)

6pm-11pm PST (via Zoom)

6:30pm-11:30pm PST(vin person)


12pm-5pm PST (via Zoom)

6pm-11pm PST (via Zoom)

how it works

Human beings who care about you and go the full distance with every student. Your teacher at TIL is paired together with you based on the workshop instructor's decades long experience of pairing the right instructor with the specific needs of the artist.

The classes are dynamic and time flies when you're having fun! Ask any student! Or enjoy listening to and reading our testimonials!

Taking our Introductory Workshop is required before admittance into any of our ongoing classes. Ongoing classes are by invitation only. After you attend our workshop, we take into consideration your resume (experience in the industry) and your participation in the workshop. We have mixed levels of experience in our classes reflecting the reality of the industry workplace. There are no “beginner” “intermediate” or “advanced” humans. There are abilities that are innate to the human being that can be practiced daily in the art of acting as the art of the empathetic imagination. All humans have strengths that can be strengthened and weaknesses that can be transformed into strengths.
The cave you fear to enter- holds the treasure you seek. Joseph Campbell  

In-person acting classes are held at our beautiful 2100 square foot theatre space in Los Angeles - with a stage, 70 theatre seats and a spacious well appointed lobby. 
We also hold our ongoing online acting classes on Zoom with the benefits of no LA traffic and the participation of actors from Auckland to Atlanta, NYC to Vancouver to Los Angeles.

Both our online acting classes and in-person classes usually have between 14-36 people. You will get the chance to play every week. The teacher will make sure that if for any reason you don’t get to play one week, you'll be put on a “cold reading” list and you’ll get to play twice the following week. 

We work on scenes from plays, screenplays and teleplays, cold readings and occasionally monologues-from all genres. The instructor provides you with the material. There are no rehearsals outside of class. The philosophy, tools for practical application, classes, and Imagined Life daily creative practice are structured to support you within the reality of the film and television industry. If you’re working in the theatre, learning what to practice away from group rehearsals is a vital skill. As Ms. Julie Harris-6 time Tony Award winner taught Diana- “you create the climate.” 
You create the world you play in.®

How do I become an Imagined Lifer ?

You submit your picture and resume by email. Once we receive it, we’ll reach out to you with an Introductory Workshop date and how to secure your seat. Taking our Introductory Workshop is required before admittance into any of our ongoing acting classes.

this is how it works


At Diana Castle’s
The Imagined Life ,

you experience an inner transformation that translates into real changes in your life as a professional empathizer™. Here are just a few of the things you can expect to experience and embody through participation in our training:


Let’s do this together.

Experience the freedom, fun and transformative power of your empathetic imagination.