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Acting Classes in Los Angeles and Worldwide on Zoom

you create the world you play in


you create the world you play in


Acting Classes in Los Angeles and Worldwide on Zoom

In our online acting classes with actors worldwide,
as well as in The Imagined Life® acting classes and workshops in Los Angeles, we mentor freedom of play, depth of insight, emotional accessibility and the widening of an actors' empathetic embrace. You’re not playing a part- a part of you is playing. When you’re transformed in your heart through your art, then

 through your art you transform
the hearts of others. 

Do you know what to practice?

Every artist from every other medium has a daily creative practice. A habit is something you do a lot- so you’re good at it. The Imagined Life® is a philosophy, practical application and a daily creative practice that ignites your authentic voice in the service of the scripted human story.

Our Imagined Life acting classes, workshops and one on one coachings inspire your empathetic imagination, vulnerability, and play spirit, awakening you to the mission of a professional empathizer™, deepening your insights and tapping your accessibility to scripted material. 

Expand your abilities. Clarify your vision. Join the adventure.

In-Person and Online Acting Classes


acting classes

Get interested and you’ll be interesting to watch.
In our ongoing scene study classes, we delve deep into the empathic experience of the fictional first person I AM exploring all mediums and genres.


introductory workshops

An introduction to The Imagined Life® philosophy, practical application and daily creative practice. Words used by participants to describe their experience of this acting workshop include: “freeing” “enlightening” “transformational” “powerful” “magical” “inspiring” “life changing” and “fun.”


private coaching

In our 1 on 1 private coaching sessions, you’ll get the script analysis and individual attention you need for next level breakthrough playing on your upcoming or ongoing projects- or transform your next audition into a true opportunity!

What makes the best acting teachers in Los Angeles?

It all begins with empathy.

As the daughter of a survivor growing up in the powder keg of the deep south in the 1960's, I experienced, as well as witnessed, the pain of being "othered." This pain was also a gift- the hope filled promise of the art of acting as the art of the empathetic imagination. I realized at a young age that actors are professional empathizers™ and that the stage and screen are mirrors reflecting back possibilities of ourSelves. I’m grateful to have mentored a terrific staff of talented, empathic teachers/coaches and together we are passionate about supporting actors on the frontlines of widening our collective empathetic embrace. 

celebrating some of our imagined lifers



Stephanie attended our Introductory Workshop and has been attending our Imagined Life classes since 2020. She recently starred in Taylor Sheridan's Paramount+ hit series Special Ops: Lioness executive produced by Sheridan, Zoe Saldaña and Nicole Kidman.


Aml has been a one on one coaching client for over a decade. He recently played Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the feature film Rustin, directed by George C. Wolfe, and produced by Michelle and Barack Obama’s Higher Ground Productions.


Matt attended our Introductory Workshop more than a decade ago, took our acting classes and ultimately became a private coaching client because he was working so much he couldn't make it to class! He's currently a series regular on CSI-Vegas.

Diana Castle has a magic wand. She picks out your core strength and enables you to zero in on that which makes you unique and special.
Hers is an inspirational approach.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, First Partner

While many acting classes attempt to teach students how to act, Diana guides us to true humanity. Reminding our empathetic nature to intuitively express and play. She brings us back to our childhood where our imagination runs wild.

Javicia Leslie, Batwoman

Diana allows the actor to create and have ownership of the work that they present, therefore it enables them to live less in fear and more in the moment.

Christian Kaplan, casting director

Diana's brilliance is her peerless ability to comprehend the inner workings of the human spirit, and human relationships. She illuminates the intricacies of story with unmatched wisdom and clarity.
Countless are the lessons Diana has taught me.

Matt Lauria,
Josh Folsom on CSI: Vegas

Diana's teaching is revelatory. It's astonishing that one person can contain so much wisdom. She is fiercely committed to her students, seeing the height and depth of the actors potential. Diana teaches access to a world of unparalleled freedom of play.

sophina brown, Actress, Founder of Support Black Theatre

Sophina Brown

Diana Castle is a phenomenal teacher. I recommend her to all my clients, and when studying with her, the quality of their work directly reflects on her incredible skills.

Julie Colbert,
Talent Agent, William Morris Endeavor Agency

Diana has a unique ability to understand the artistic essence in an actor and to help that actor harvest it for his/her work.

Hannah Roth, Talent Manager

It is always a thrill to work with actors from Diana Castle's class. Their versatility and disciplined approach to the work is consistently impressive and a direct result of her teaching.

Danny Cannon, Director/Executive Producer

Working with Diana has changed my life as an actor and as a man. And believe me, my experience is not unique. It is like that with every person who works with her. I‘m truly grateful to her. I believe in her. I trust her. There’s no one better.

henry simmons, actor

Diana Castle‘s acting class celebrates acting in a unique and grounded technique. Diana inspires and enlightens and teaches ways of dealing with all the pitfalls that can occur for the actor, as well as how you can avoid them. In short, Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life is today’s new “technique.”

Deran Sarafian, Director

The growth I've witnessed first hand in my own clients from Diana's teaching is incredible. Her passion and guidance as a teacher, an artist and a human being is an inspiration to me in and of itself. She's a rare and brilliant individual. Anyone afforded the opportunity to study with her should consider themselves lucky indeed.

Michael Kaleda, Talent Manager, BOLD Management

Diana Castle is an integral part of the success of my business. Working with her has been a rewarding and successful experience. She gives my clients the tools to go in the room and get the job.

Dana Sims, Agent, CAA

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