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Gratitude from Imagined Lifers

For those looking to make their work richer, deeper and more full, The Imagined Life is for you! 

Diana Castle is a master at introducing you to depths of your imagination and helping you to truly CREATE.

J. August Richards

Diana has changed my life. She has made my dreams a reality.

It’s all because of the playgrounds I’ve learned to create and Diana’s love. She pushes you but there's not the judgement with her. She pushes you towards the rainbow- never over the cliff. And if there's a cliff just know there’s a rainbow and candy and glitter at the bottom of it.

Terrence Terrell

Diana Castle embraces the artist and guides them to a place to be fearless and have fuN...

nurturing ones love for the craft, so it grows, grows and grows...thank you or better yet...BRAVO!

Andre Royo

Diana’s teaching is revelatory.

 It's astonishing that one person can contain so much wisdom. She is fiercely committed to her students, seeing the height and depth of the actors potential. Diana teaches access to a world of unparalleled freedom of play.

Sophina Brown


She not only inspires the fun in the art, but in the process you also become a better person.

Common, Actor/Musician, Academy, Golden Globe, Grammy Award Winner


Her words of wisdom cut to the bone. I have this quote from her pasted at my desk, a daily reminder of her wisdom "Storytelling is bigger than any agent, any studio, any audition. It will be around longer than any one of us, and it is only through us, the artists, that these divine, universal stories stay eternal". Diana burrows deep into the artistry of acting, while always reminding us that the fun of play and imagination is just as essential. I am so grateful to have found her as a guide and muse!

Jamie Ray Newman, Academy Award Winner

this is the new quote.

She completely transformed me as an actor. In my approach and in my sense of purpose. With her I stopped memorizing lines and started knowing the story by heart. this is new.

Diana Castle

Mission in art is imperative for sustainability and general well being.

Diana does not gift us with our mission, but rather empowers us to remember where we put it.

Breeda Wool

The Imagined Life has been fundamental to my sense of self and my work for more than a decade.

Charlie Carver

Working with Diana has been one of the greatest gifts to myself as an actor, 

not only did her teachings dispel the many myths I had about my craft, her process helped me to develop confidence in my work knowing that my expression is truly living in the truth.

Karimah Westbrook

The Magic of Diana Castle's brilliant teachings has opened a floodgate of creativity in my life I never imagined possible.

Kim Wayans

Diana was instrumental in helping me bring poetry to my work.

She lead me to develop the spirit and mindset of a creator. To design my life around my vocation. But most importantly, she gave me the tools to help me locate where I was small. Where I was hiding. My dark areas that I didn’t want people to see. She taught me to not hide from that darkness, but rather to embrace it as an aspect of my own complexity, my full humanity, a doorway into my own vulnerability. This practice of authenticity has not only grown my empathy through my art, but it has also widened me as a human being living my life.
I am forever in gratitude.

James Roch

The greatest gift I've given to myself as a person and as an actor is
Diana Castle's class. 

I've never known a teacher who communicates the DNA of the craft so eloquently. She is the pipeline to the heart of this vocation, and she has brought my creative life into technicolor.

Sherri Saum


Love is at the core of Diana’s teaching. I’m a working actress for the last 12 years and I’ve had the privilege of studying at the "greatest schools". It was only with Diana that I found my method, her method. I’ve never memorized a line in my life again. I know and feel the the untold story better than I do my own and I’m feeling more empathic than ever, even towards myself.

Inês Herédia

Diana Castle’s
The Imagined Life has completely altered the way I think as an actor and as a human being contributing to the world.

This work strips away the facades of what an actor is supposed to be, illuminating and nurturing the human being inside of the actor. My teacher at the studio, Faline England inspires me to give my all, and she is instrumental in pulling it all out of me! Thank you wouldn't be enough!

Jazlyn Martin

Diana Castle offers a rare opportunity for any artist-

a clear pathway to the soul and a meaningful practice around tapping it and expressing it authentically. Working with her has transformed my life and continues to do so on a regular basis. If you’re looking for an unlimited sense of possibility creatively and professionally, Diana is the answer to your prayers.

Max Carver

Working with Diana is a magical gift that will ignite your imagination, inspire your empathetic nature, and root you into your mission as a storyteller. 

I am forever changed as an artist and as a human being because of our work together.

Keiko Elizabeth

Diana is real, she is passionate and she is brilliant. Today I consider her a real friend.

Wynonna Judd

More than an acting teacher, Diana is a gifted human who will see through your soul.

She completely transformed me as an actor. In my approach and in my sense of purpose. With her I stopped memorizing lines and started knowing the story by heart. With her I learned about the responsibility and power we have as storytellers. With her, I stopped acting.

Francisco Froes

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imagined lifers

Working with Diana is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Diana just sees things that others miss. When I come to her with an audition, I’ve already looked at things from every angle (or so I think) and as soon as we start working she hits me with these GEMS and I’m blown away every time! “How did you see that!?” “How did you think of that!?” —Is what I say every time we work together :) I’m forever grateful to this amazing human.

Manny Montana

Working with Diana has changed my life as an actor and as a man. And believe me, my experience is not unique. It is like that with every person who works with her. I‘m truly grateful to her. I believe in her. I trust her. There’s no one better.


What more can I say about Diana Castle that hasn't already been said? A LOT. In the short amount of time that I have been with Diana my LIFE has instantly changed. MY. LIFE. Yes, you can come here to study and yes, you will become a well read amazing actor. But the magic is how Diana manages to pour into your specific needs as a human being. Oh, you thought this was going to be all about the text? Nah. It is her uncanny intuition, charming wit and huge empathetic heart that is the pulse of The Imagined Life. You come to Diana to learn how to tell a story and trust me, the people will listen.

Nefetari Spencer

Diana Castle is an extraordinary human being! Her approach to the craft of acting has opened my mind and heart in ways I cannot quantify. It's like going from grayscale to color. Diana is a fountain of inspiration, a treasure trove of support. Diana sees you, she listens with her whole heart, and she meets you wherever you are, and guides you into the boundless worlds of story. I'm so thankful to be a part of The Imagined Life family.

sam malone

Diana’s philosophy and approach have opened my eyes and my heart. Through her deep insights, I’ve come to recognize the importance of mission in my work and am experiencing the transformative powers of empathy. I look forward to our continued work together and I’m grateful for the inspiring presence she’s become in my life. Thank you for your love and support Diana!

Luis Aldana

Steve and Diana have helped me rebuild my love for the craft. They took me in with open arms and showed me a new way to view this art form. It’s a reimagined way that opens your heart and mind. A true blessing.

Ezekiel Pacheco

Diana's teachings, guidance and mentorship anchor me and keep me rooted in story. I deeply honour her guiding light with every performance-the legacy of her heart and work. How immensely grateful I am to have crossed paths with such a brilliant mind, soul and heart that is yours Diana!

Cassandra Woodhouse

Diana is my North Star. My guide. My “go to” coach for script analysis. She is an inspirational teacher and has taught me how to deepen my work and play. Her profound empathetic insights are unmatched.

Laurie Fortier

The Imagined Life philosophy has been vital to my storytelling. This work has deepened my humanity, empathy, and purpose. Every minute in Diana’s class is inspiring and a breath of fresh air.

Mitchell Hoog

Thank you Diana. For everything. Mostly, for the refusal to entertain my small mindedness. That is the most loving thing you could have done for me. I find my salvation in the work. Every day.

Christina Karis

I think calling The Imagined Life an “acting class” would be a disservice. It goes far beyond that. Diana facilitates a beautiful space to master the art of being a story teller. She awakens you to your own humanity and to a deep empathy that lies within all of us. She helped me discover the power and responsibility that lies in that, all while never forgetting the joy; the joy for what we do, and and are able to bring to others.

Jorge Diaz

Diana teaches what “cannot be taught”. She teaches poetry of the soul. Her mentorship has changed the trajectory of my life as an artist and human being. I am forever grateful.

Faline England

Diana has taught me to 'run into the arms of the story’; that the depth of my curiosity is the key to the depth of my creativity. She teaches me to be as free and spontaneous in my play spirit as when I was a kid. It is with Diana’s guidance, and through my daily creative practice of The Imagined Life, that I continue to find my voice as an artist.

Oliver Vaquer

Working with Diana is hard to put into words. She develops the very thing that so many claim cannot be taught. She encourages an internal artistic journey that directly translates into more honest and profound work.

Daniel Bonjour

Diana's brilliance is her peerless ability to comprehend the inner workings of the human spirit, and human relationships. She illuminates the intricacies of story with unmatched wisdom and clarity. Countless are the lessons Diana has taught me.


While many acting classes attempt to teach students how to act, Diana guides us to true humanity. Reminding our empathetic nature to intuitively express and play. She brings us back to our childhood where our imagination runs wild.


Diana Castle is not just a teacher, she is a guide; leading you down the path toward discovering, and accepting, your own humanity. Diana, and what she teaches, has reminded me not only of the joy to be found in this profession, but also, the great importance of what we do. To be an actor is to be a storyteller ... and storytelling is not merely a human act but more profoundly, it is an act of humanity.

david meunier

I would not be the actor I am today without Diana Castle and The Imagined Life Studio. Diana taught me a daily creative practice that's become my backbone. My work has deepened and my play is more loose, free and fun! Because of her, I walk confidently knowing what I bring to the table, not only as an artist, but as a person. Thank you Diana, you have changed my life in more ways than I can count.

jon chaffin

This way of working affects your creative life and your personal life too. It’s like seeing for the first time what’s right in front of you!

Lela Lee

Diana is a champion developer of storytellers who create with the heart and soul of their imaginations. Her resolve that the path be cleared so the story can be told is a sacred reminder of our shared humanity and deep interconnection. It’s a profound honor and joy to have her as a mentor. 

Christian Zuber

Diana is an empathetic, profound, laser focused, incredibly poetic teacher. She's a woman of magical, mystical workings.

Jayson Blair

When I arrived at Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life, I met a place I left long ago, only to remember that it was always a kind of home, “play”. My teacher Faline England has guided me to this place where truth is found, not only your own, but a worldwide kind of truth.

Trew Mullen

Diana Castle is a brilliant visionary. She has a seemingly inexhaustible fountain of ferocious insight into Human beings and how we are captured in stories. She teaches so much more than just Acting; she has expanded my Courage & Empathy. She gives her students incredible resources and a structured practice that can change your Life and - by extension - your Trajectory. Working with the Imagined Life has absolutely made me more accessible, insightful, playful and confident onstage and on set. I use the lessons from my on-going work with Diana in everything I do. period.

leslie stevens

Diana goes straight for the heart. She's razor focused and devoted to good work which inspired me to be completely raw in front of her and honest in my responses.

Moon Bloodgood

The teachings of Diana Castle’s the Imagined Life is a gift to the recovering perfectionist. My teacher at the studio, Faline England, has challenged me to evolve as an artist, and through the teachings and insights I’ve gained, my work has become more alive and spontaneous.

jessica bishop

Diana awakens actors to the power of storytelling. She teaches a daily creative practice that brings depth, joy and freedom to the craft and teaches a way of working that totally supports you on the set! I am forever grateful for her clarity as a teacher and for her intuitive, passionate mentorship.

Rosalie Ward

Diana has been the single most important influence in my work and in my life.

Gerald McCulloch

Diana Castle is a true maverick among acting teachers. Diana has an amazing ability to inspire and to teach.

Judith Hoag

Steve Tietsort taught me what it means to have empathy. I got into acting because I thought it was fun and would be a cool job. Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life turned me into a confident storyteller, changed the way I see the world, and will forever be a part of my life. 

Avi Bernard

I am indebted to Diana for any booking that comes my way. She helped me develop the eye to see exactly what's being asked of me, and the heart to fully go there.

John Fiorentino

There is no one like Diana Castle. She is one of a kind. There is no duplicate. Diana brings out your individual purpose and she helps you to water it everyday. You never stop learning, growing, and evolving. My life has not stopped changing for the better since the day I started classes at Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life.

Paige Annette

Diana is a passionate, smart and incredibly intuitive teacher. She will guide you, cheer for you, push you, love you and see you. As a result, your art and your heart will never be the same. I am infinitely grateful.

Kisha Barr

Diana has a gift! She knows EXACTLY what YOU require. Trust her! As she says, "I am not teaching a technique...I am teaching YOU." It's true! It's sacred, often guarded territory that we enter into as actors and Diana provides the tools, inspires the courage, and teaches me access to an inner safe space that allows me to go through those vulnerable doors and express the truth.

Cherion Drakes

It was only through taking classes at Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life that I was able to unlock the greater mission of my life long dream to be an actor and to learn the tools which now allow me to express the deep rooted passions in my soul. My teacher at the studio, Steve Tietsort, is incredibly generous in his support. He inspires me to unearth and nurture my play spirit every single day.


What I love most about Diana is her raw passion for artists and their art. The Imagined Life work develops a deep affinity for humanity in all aspects through the portal of story. Diana has not only emboldened me to grow as an actor, but more importantly, as a human being.

Bianca Kajlich

Trust uproots and flows at The Imagined Life and Diana has introduced me to a different path. My own. Empathy opens and reveals inner resources reminding me that the forces that shape each one of us are significant. The canvas of my mind and heart is now open and The Imagined Life is allowing me to discover all that I am as an artist.

Aspen Kennedy

It feels almost impossible to put into words what Diana means to me. Her steadfast mission of empathy encourages such profound personal revelations that working with her is nothing short of life shifting. Diana's exceptional ability to hold space for actors to grow as artists is a direct result of her unwavering love of storytelling and the human experience. She is magic and my life and my art are more magical having her as a mentor.

Nina Millin

I will shout Diana Castle’s name from every rooftop to anyone who cares to listen. She does incredibly important work in Hollywood and around the world, fanning The Artist’s flame until it becomes a roaring fire. She raised my game as an actor by helping me deeply access and strengthen my voice in my work, giving me the greatest gift I believe all actors crave - ownership. In my creating, my storytelling and my playing. So many of the actors we know and love have been touched by Diana and the industry is much better for it.

Cornelius Macarthy

Diana Castle is a wonderful teacher. I am, without a doubt, transformed as a storyteller through our work together. I used to overthink everything, to the point where I would get myself stuck in my head. Working with Diana has pulled me out of that, and now I find myself unmoored and free. She's guided me to that place and I am very grateful.

Dia Frampton

Steve is an excavator of the inner child. Before The Imagined Life, I had long forgotten my playful spirit, but through Steve’s endless generosity and Diana’s insight and inspiration, I’ve been able to surrender to an inner life that is both wondrous and thick with texture. And the beautiful thing is…I’ve only just begun.

Janell Sexton

The Imagined Life is a GIFT!  I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate both Diana and Steve's dedication to demystifying the wonderful world of storytelling. My Craft, Heart, and Life have all transformed as a result of studying in this beautifully empathetic and fun space.

LeShay N. Tomlinson

As an artist, as a human being, really, one hopes for a guide in life. Someone to come in and demand a constant awakening of our deepest truths and understandings. I found this at seventeen years old when I met Diana. It is seven years later, and Diana's demand of an elevated consciousness only deepens every day.

Ariana Delwari

Steve is the kind of mentor that keeps his students continuously growing as artists and as people. He always helps me go beyond what’s familiar and helps me understand the humanity and meaning in every story. After spending time at The Imagined Life, I was able to see what a gift it is to be a part of this studio with Steve and Diana. I will never look at the world the same. Ever since I started in this studio, the real journey for me began as a storyteller. I am forever grateful and inspired! 

Sole Bovelli

I have never grown as much as an actor or changed my worldview as much as a human BEING than I have under Diana's mentorship. She opens up worlds of understanding to the human condition that you never even considered and believes in you so fiercely, sometimes more than you believe in yourself. She has illuminated to me a respect for the art that is acting and a responsibility of our power as storytellers. I am forever changed.

Elizabeth Pan

I am eternally grateful for you Diana. Not only do you push me beyond my self-imposed limitations, but you truly care about my growth. You are so invested in nurturing my journey to uncovering my true, authentic self. Your mentorship has brought so much joy to my work and life! Love you Diana!

Narci Regina

Diana is truly a breath of fresh air. As a recovering perfectionist, her teachings help me to be free in my work and play. I know that, through her guidance and kind compassion, I'm well on my way to embracing the true artist inside of me.

eden lee

Studying at Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life has not only changed my acting, but it’s changed my life. I’ve gained so much wisdom from Diana and now have a much stronger empathetic embrace of other people than I did before. This work has had a huge impact on my craft and life.

Bryan McClure

To quote the lyrics of Fabolous’: “I'm a movement by myself. But I'm a force when we're together.” This is how I feel about my relationship with Diana Castle. Her insights into the human animal in general and more specifically (and perhaps more importantly) into the actor before her has made me both a better person and a better transformer, with Diana’s astute guidance I’ve gone from performing to transforming. I’ve discarded false selves and replaced them with real insights into parts of myself into which I’d previously lacked access. In sum, Diana Castle makes me better.

Kathy-Ann Hart

Diana's wisdom and teaching goes beyond the craft of acting. Diana gets your mind right and she helps you realize your purpose as an actor. We are storytellers. And the world needs us.

Antonique Smith

I was lucky to find Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life soon after moving to LA. Working with Steve Tietsort and Faline England was a magical journey. I embraced my humanity, expanded my intimacy and discovered that storytelling is a fundamental part of my existence. I am a better artist because they opened up a playground where I was safe to create. 

Loren Escandon

Working with my teacher Steve Tietsort at Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life has been a game changer. In just a few months, I've regained the love of my craft and completely changed the way I approach my work and play. Aside from getting actual results in my auditions, I'm enjoying acting again. I could not be more thankful for Steve and the Imagined Life team.

Thomas Bekkers

Diana Castle is the teacher I've been waiting for my whole life. I wanted to be an actor so I could be other people and get out of myself. She continues to teach me that “others” also exist inside of me. Through this work, I am more fully myself. Diana has provided me with a daily practice that has strengthened my empathy, my confidence and my play spirit. I AM!

Aris Alvarado

Diana is more than a coach, she is a shaman. The insight and intuition with which she guides her students never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Our work together continues to open and reveal deeper parts of me and more importantly, expands my humanity.  

Jessica Jade Andres

Diana Castle has completely changed my life as a storyteller and beyond. Her nurturing patience and love are incomparable, indelible and unwavering. She awakens your sacred empathetic imagination and guides your heart and soul. The word gratitude merely scratches the surface.

Christopher Lamm

Diana is like an Art Whisperer, spirit guiding you towards the inner artist within. She inspires you to expand your humanity by immersing in story- embracing your daily creative practice as sacred and your work as poetry. Working with her has broadened my empathy and most importantly, my openness, as she continues to light the way towards the acting I love: a full-hearted, fully lived reality.

Jeremy Gimenez

My teacher Lacy Fisher, has helped me to move my mindset towards the positive and to grow as an artist, revealing the storyteller I truly am. Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life has made saying yes to the story fun and exciting!

Karla Sonnier

I knew from the moment I entered my first workshop with Diana, my art would be transformed.  Working with Steve has been a gift that has unlocked a vulnerability and playfulness that I used to hold within me. His ability to create a safe space to be messy, to be free, to stop performing, and to simply allow the heart work to unfold, has made me grow tremendously as an artist.  I am so grateful to be an Imagined Lifer.

Myhraliza Aala

The work at The Imagined Life with my teacher Lacy Fisher is helping me to unlock my highest potential as a storyteller and human being. Opening my heart every day, empathizing with every story, is giving me the strength to transform every suffering into healing art. I’m so grateful for Diana’s work.

Simone Attenni

My teacher at The Imagined Life, Faline England, has a tremendous spirit and her insights help me to focus any anxiety or other concerns that have nothing to do with my work and storytelling. The Imagined Life work grounds me in my circumstances and awakens my soul. Faline teaches me what it means to be a meaning maker and it’s contagious!

Brandon Sutton

Studying acting at Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life studio, with Faline England, has transformed me and my work as an actor. Through the many tools I’ve learned and continue to learn, I’ve found my play spirit, deepened my empathy, and have become more self-reliant, present and free. 

Tamika ParrisH

Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life is transforming my work as an actor and writer. My insightful teacher at the studio, Faline England, inspires me and has gifted me with the confident embrace of my play spirit.

Joan Chak

Diana’s warmth, encouragement and insights have really re-inspired me and reminded me why I love doing what I do.

Jamie Elman

Diana is the most unique and revolutionary teacher out there today. The message is simple, the results are transforming. She equips every actor with the tools to live in limitless imagination and freedom.

Wynn Everett

Working with Faline England at Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life studio has not only changed my perception on acting, it has also changed my view of the world. Faline is connected, kind, passionate and shares excitement in every class. Faline and the teachings of Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life have completely changed my work and play. I am deeply grateful to have her as my creative mentor.

Callie Okun

The Imagined Life is far more than an acting class. It is a portal into the divine, communion with the play spirit, and a true gift to any artist. I am deeply grateful for Diana's wisdom and could not have asked for a more generous teacher in Faline England - through whom I have learned the practice of opening my heart and soul, daily and at a moment's notice!

Iris Liu

Diana teaches a way of working that has you securely grounded in story while maintaining something inside that is unique, personal, and, in the finest sense of the word...mystical.

Heather Wake

Working with Diana has undeniably changed my career. I have been working consistently since meeting her.

Lanny Joon

Diana taught me the importance of trusting myself, my daily commitment to the work, my imagination, and allowing story to be enough in my world of play. Her belief and support of me changed the way I approach my art and I am forever grateful. The level of care and passion she pours into her students is truly a gift to witness each week and I’m thankful our paths aligned!

Varinia Justine

The Imagined Life is a great foundation for me as an artist. Approaching my art from inside of the story supports me in all my work and play whether it be music, acting, or just being a human! I am so happy to have taken class with Faline and learned so much from her spirit and artistry. Thank you so much!

B.K. Habermehl

Transformative from day 1. I was looking to deepen my work and then I found Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life. Diana’s 35 years of experience, her wisdom, passion, intuition and generous heart- bring out your limitless imagination, creativity and humanity. Because of her empathic approach I am a better storyteller, a better artist and most importantly a better human.

Soraya Kelley

Diana has changed the way I see acting, the industry and the world. Her mentorship opens my mind, my heart, and my soul. She is my daily artist vitamin. Diana has given me a daily practice that is tangible, transformative and fills me with confidence. I am so grateful to know her and to work with her!

Alexis Beckley

I LOVE Diana Castle and her magician like quality which liberates the artist within. She has helped open the intrinsic universe of my artistic imagination beyond any worldly boundary. I will forever be grateful to her. And I really appreciate every second spent in the presence of her wisdom.

Sitara Attaie

Diana Castle's The Imagined Life and my teacher at the studio, Steve Tietsort, have transitioned my mind from over thinking to feeling! I’ve never felt so much adventure, flexibility and freedom in my work before. This work and play is allowing me to tap into the different parts of me that I never explored in the past. The Imagined Life is a blessing to me, and to many- and continues to shine a much needed light in this industry.

Shaquille Mathurin

more rave reviews 

It is always a thrill to work with actors from Diana Castle's class. Their versatility and disciplined approach to the work is consistently impressive and a direct result of her teaching.
Danny Cannon, Director/Executive Producer

Diana Castle is a phenomenal teacher. I recommend her to all my clients, and when studying with her, the quality of their work directly reflects on her incredible skills.
Julie Colbert, Talent Agent, William Morris Endeavor Agency

Diana Castle‘s acting class celebrates acting in a unique and grounded technique. Diana inspires and enlightens and teaches ways of dealing with all the pitfalls that can occur for the actor, as well as how you can avoid them. In short, Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life is today’s new “technique.”
Deran Sarafian, Director

The growth I've witnessed first hand in my own clients from Diana's teaching is incredible. Her passion and guidance as a teacher, an artist and a human being is an inspiration to me in and of itself. She's a rare and brilliant individual. Anyone afforded the opportunity to study with her should consider themselves lucky indeed.
Michael Kaleda, Talent Manager, BOLD Management

Diana Castle is an integral part of the success of my business. Working with her has been a rewarding and successful experience. She gives my clients the tools to go in the room and get the job.
Dana Sims, Agent, CAA

Diana has a unique ability to understand the artistic essence in an actor and to help that actor harvest it for his/her work.
Hannah Roth, Talent Manager

Diana allows the actor to create and have ownership of the work that they present, therefore it enables them to live less in fear and more in the moment.
Christian Kaplan, Casting Director

Diana Castle has a unique approach to the craft of acting and the result of her teaching is always reliable. She is a trusted name in the acting community.
Meg Liberman, Former Executive Vice President, Casting,
CBS Television Studios

I have been working with Diana with clients at all levels for several years. Every client has felt that she has changed their life.
Sara Ramaker, Manager

I cannot say enough about Diana Castle's talent and generosity of spirit. She conveys vulnerability and wisdom helping others to do the tough work to grow as artists and human beings. Whenever I hire one of Diana Castle's students, I am impressed by their ability to tap into the truth and humor of the character they are playing. She is truly one of the best acting teachers/coaches working today.
Elizabeth Boykewich, Casting Director

There are not many times in your life that you get to see true greatness at work. I have had the opportunity to watch Diana not just teach but transform actors into artists. She inspires, motivates and creates atmospheric safety so the actor is free to take great risks with both passion, commitment and the ability to attack any piece of material with total ease. Diana is the only one I send my clients to.
Barbara Stark, Talent Manager

Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life facilitates a deep-dive into the empathetic imagination in storytelling. Diana’s guidance inspired me to invite and allow my creativity to flow. Through her wisdom, I found freedom in my storytelling and purpose in my heart as an actor and director. Diana inspires me deeply to be a fearless storyteller.
Miguel Angel Caballero, Actor

Diana helps connect the practical needs of performance, with the joy and artistry of acting.
Steven Nash, Producer/Talent Manager

Diana's class is a transformational journey of the soul where actors create, play and blossom in a productive and nurturing environment.
Jaime Ferrar, Agent, Jaime Ferrar Agency

I recommend Diana Castle to anyone who is serious about acting. Her approach is deeply reliable. She teaches something you can trust for the rest of your life.
Irene Cagen, Casting Director

I taught a workshop with Diana Castle and was amazed at her clarity as a teacher. She made the process so understandable. I highly recommend her.
Jackie Burch, Casting Director

Diana Castle leads her students on an extraordinary journey. She dismantles old notions of "performance" and unveils the human being within each artist. This class is a must for all actors serious in authentic expression and a more subtle, specific and honest work aesthetic.
Brent Blair, Senior Lecturer/ USC School of Theatre

Diana's no-nonsense and inspirational approach to the art of acting is stimulating and practical - she manages to do in a few short months what few teachers are able to accomplish in years.
Lora Zane, Senior Lecturer, U of W School of Theatre

Diana Castle is magic! She helped me go to a more honest and authentic place within, with ease and an expanded imagination.
Iona Morris, Actress/Director/Writer

Diana Castle is that rarest of things in the business of show. An instructor and person of enormous intelligence, heart and most importantly to me, spirit. I adore her!
Ken Page, Actor/Director

Diana’s unique way of teaching strengthens focus, creativity & self-reliance and she keeps acting fun!
Crystal Carson, Actress/Coach

Diana’s approach to acting has transformed my work as an actor and as a teacher/coach. The accessibility, specificity and FREEDOM to create that this work has to offer is profound.
Tracy Winters, Actress/Coach

How to put into words the impact Diana Castle’s teachings have had on my work as a teacher and as an actress? It’s all I know now. All else that I have learned from anyone else no longer applies. She inspires everyone she teaches.
Annie Grindlay, Teacher


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