Welcome to The Imagined Life® Introductory Acting Workshops

When you attend our Introductory Acting Workshops in Los Angeles and worldwide on zoom, you’ll experience first hand The Imagined Life® philosophy and practical application rooted in “acting as the art of the empathetic imagination.”

Empathic storytelling begins with dialogue.

the Imagined Life in person and online Introductory acting Workshops are rooted in our mission to free the human story-
one actor at a time.

Through difference- we deepen. Through diversity- we expand our empathetic embrace. Your empathic humanness is waiting to be excavated, discovered and expressed through the mirror of scripted material.

We don’t teach an acting technique-
we teach people.

In the workshop, the instructor dialogues with you, listening deeply to your concerns, answers your questions, and gets to know your perceived strengths and challenges. While every other art form has a daily creative practice- every actor that we have met for almost 35 years has one major challenge-they don't know what to practice every day. If you don’t have a daily creative practice- how can you get better at your art? In our Imagined Life Introductory Acting Workshops you acquire the tools you need to begin your daily creative practice. You’ll be guided through our Imagined Life Cycle™ and you get a hands-on experience of playing from the empathic fictional first person, transforming the written word into a spoken experience, and engaging participation in The Empathetic Campfire™.

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Diana Castle and her associate Faline England are the instructors for our Imagined Life Introductory Acting Workshops online or in person.

4 hours. Time flies when you’re having fun. Ask anyone who has attended! 

There are no beginning, intermediate and advanced “levels” at our in person and online workshops. We serve established, professional working actors, as well as those actors who may - for the moment :- ) have a few less credits on their resume- all in the joy filled experience of empathizing with, excavating, discovering and authentically expressing alternative states of life. As Robert Henri wrote: “It is not Hedda Gabler Ibsen introduces us to. He introduces us to a state of life.” 

In person acting workshops are taught by Diana’s associate Faline England at our beautiful 2100 square foot theatre space in Los Angeles. There is a stage and 70 comfortable theatre seats, as well as a spacious well appointed lobby with plenty of street parking in front of the building. Masking is required for all in person workshops.

Online acting workshops are held on zoom with Diana Castle. The benefits of Zoom are no traffic and the joy of playing pretend with participants from Auckland to Atlanta, NYC to Vancouver to LA. The heART transcends the medium.


7/19/24 at 12:45pm
7/26/24 at 12:45pm
8/29/24 at 4:45pm

Usually held on a Thursday evening on Zoom or a Friday during the day at the theatre. After submitting your picture and resume to our email, your conflicts and resume are taken into consideration for placement into one of our workshops.

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Once we receive it, we’ll reach out to you with an Introductory Workshop date and how to secure your seat.

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Taking our Introductory Acting Workshop is required before admittance into any of our ongoing classes.

Acting is the art of the empathetic imagination and is first and foremost a daily creative practice. In the first half of The Imagined Life Introductory Acting Workshops online and in person, you get to ask your burning questions. You know? Those questions no one has been able to help you with in your work and play? The workshops are for the human beings attending. The instructor attends the workshop with the mission to empathically “see you” and to support your needs right now as a professional working actor using innate human abilities that can be practiced.

part 1

After you’re introduced to TIL tools, and have had a hands-on practice session using those tools with your instructor- we put those tools into action with scripted material. You will be given the material and based on the tools you’ve acquired you'll apply them- freeing the human story to play. Playing pretend isn’t just play- it’s an experience of imagined possibility.

part 2

you’ll get a hands-on working experience of what the ongoing classes are like. The transformative power of using your natural empathetic imagination in the art of acting. You are introduced to the tools that will expand and deepen your unique capacity, widening your skills as a professional working actor. These are practical tools rooted in innate human abilities that can be practiced daily. In every other art form, the artist has a clear daily creative practice. Actors are unclear about what to practice daily. A habit is something you do a lot so you're good at it. Anything you practice- you get good at. 

In The Imagined Life Introductory ACTING Workshop,

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"Life Changing" "Transformative" "Inspirational" "Enlightening" "Magical" "Powerful" "Illuminating" "Fun"- these are just a few of the words participants use to describe their experience at The Imagined Life Introductory Acting Workshop online and in person.

The workshop is a thrilling experience where you acquire practical tools, rooted in cutting edge neuroscience, that address your unique needs and can be practiced daily. A daily creative practice of The Imagined Life tools widens your empathic skills, ignites your imagination, awakens your insights into scripted materials, deepens your emotional accessibility, and inspires a courageous creative mindset. 


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What makes the best acting teachers in Los Angeles? Empathy.