Stephanie Nur: The Light

Diana moves mountains within us. Her wisdom and heart’s devotion to the art of storytelling is unmatched. She is not just an “acting coach” but a true mentor. She stands like a lighthouse and protector. Being in her classes is a deeply rewarding journey full of insights as she challenges us to expand our capacity for empathy. She does this all the while reviving our playful spirit and curiosity with specificity. Our work becomes invoked with a sense of mission – of finding meaning and purpose in why we storytell in the first place. I could go on about what a gift it is to be under Diana’s tutelage, yet words do not suffice to convey the impact she’s had on my craft, career and life.
– Stephanie Nur

Stephanie Nur walked through the doors of The Imagined Life acting studio in March of 2020. And while breathtakingly beautiful, her true beauty is a Light that emanates from within her, filling space with the glowing gift of her humanity. Multi-lingual and extensively involved in humanitarian work, in a short span of time, Stephanie expanded her empathic gifts in her Tuesday night scene study acting class and began to see that expansion in her career. She gained more and more recognition in the casting world through emotionally accessible and consistently interesting choices in her tapes and gained the attention of writer/producer Taylor Sheriden who cast Stephanie in the role of Melodi in the prequel to his Yellowstone series 1883.

The Courage of a Lioness: Preparation meets Opportunity

Stephanie continued her work in our acting workshop in Los Angeles whenever she was in town, as well as with her online coach when she was unable to attend. She enjoyed being in Chicago filming the serio- comedic “North of the 10” alongside Mykelti Williamson and Jon Heder. As well as playing Qamar, a Syrian refugee, in Nia Vardalo’s “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3”. In our Los Angeles acting workshops, Stephanie had gained a self-sufficient way of working that allowed her freedom of play with established greats like actor Sam Elliot in 1883 and the consistency of her preparation through The Imagined Life daily creative practice opened the door to more roles, with Sheriden casting her in the leading role of Aaliyah on his series Special Ops: Lioness. In short, Stephanie’s consistent daily preparation met opportunity.

The Future is Bright in Stephanie’s Light

Stephanie writes in her quote above that her online and in-person acting teacher is like a lighthouse. And while we know that she’s with the best acting teacher online and in Los Angeles, we also know that Stephanie’s empathic capacity, profound wisdom, insatiable curiosity, and deep yearning for learning and growth are the gifts that allow her acting coach and acting teacher to have an impactful mentorship- to “mentor the ship” on the ocean of opportunity that’s waiting for this bright Light: Stephanie Nur.

Stephanie Nur

Stephanie Nur

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