Acting Class Success Story: David Meunier

“Diana Castle is not just a teacher, she is a guide; leading you down the path toward discovering, and accepting, your own humanity. Diana, and what she teaches, has reminded me not only of the joy to be found in this profession, but also, the great importance of what we do. To be an actor is to be a storyteller … and storytelling is not merely a human act but more profoundly, it is an act of humanity.”
– David Meunier

David Meunier holds a dear place in all our hearts at The Imagined Life. You may recognize him from his roles as Johnny Crowder in Justified or his recurring roles on shows like Aquarius, Jericho, and Revolution. Maybe you know him best from his supporting role in The Equalizer, acting alongside Denzel Washington. 

David Meunier: From Giving Up to Booking Recurring Acting Roles

However, when we first met him, David was on the verge of giving up his dream of acting. He was having trouble securing recurring roles in Los Angeles. (Something many actors struggle with at the start of their careers.) Determined to give it one last go, he entered the studio to take a one-time Introductory Workshop

If you know David, you can probably guess how clear it was that there was talent buried under his waning hope. 

After that class, Diana invited him to join her group acting classes. David and Diana worked together for over a decade. In that time, his natural talent was allowed to flourish. He started booking recurring roles. In fact, David’s career has blossomed to over 57 title credits, including a new TV mini-series that aired this year.

Let Your Imagination Come to Life in Our LA Acting Classes

We are always thrilled to see our Imagined Life students thriving. David will always be an Imagined Lifer and a dear friend. If you relate to the start of David’s story, we invite you to apply to the same Introductory Workshop that springboarded his career. We can’t wait to meet you.

David Meunier

David Meunier

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