Award-Winning British Actor Believes in Being a Life-long Student

“Diana Castle: The name lives on in the multi-dimensional Imagined Lives we have co-created for over a decade. Diana watered my skills and blossomed a deep sense of adventure in my work. Her name will live on forever, her gift is unwaveringly true, she is my greatest creative partner and a friend.”
– Aml Ameen

Aml Ameen is no stranger to success. You may know him from his iconic role in Rustin, playing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., or his history-making debut as writer/director/producer of Boxing Day, the UK’s first romantic holiday comedy featuring an all-black cast, or perhaps from starring in, as well as executive producing, the Canadian Screen Award-winning series The Porter. If you’re a Netflix fan, you may even be anticipating his upcoming role as Roger White in A Man in Full, where he plays alongside Jeff Daniels, Diane Lane, and Lucy Liu.

We know Aml as our dear friend, coaching client, and a true Imagined Lifer.

Being An A-List Actor Takes Commitment

Looking at Aml’s career, you may think he’s just one of the lucky ones. He started acting at 18 years old and his list of title credits hasn’t stopped growing since. The truth is, Aml isn’t lucky. He’s committed to mastering his craft.

When he’s not working in front of the camera, or writing, producing and directing new projects with his production company, Studio 113, Aml’s working with Diana behind-the-scenes in private acting coaching sessions. They work on The Imagined Life script synthesis technique, expanding his empathetic imaginative play, and taking his already formidable talent to places that are authentic, surprise, excite and enthrall. The two have been working together for over a decade and in that time Aml has continued to book high profile parts alongside actors and actresses such as Coleman Domingo, Jeff Daniels, Idris Elba, Kathy Bates, Forrest Whitaker and more.

A Private Acting Coach For Professional Actors

We have loved watching Aml’s talent and career evolve over the years. He will be a life-long student of the art of acting as the art of the empathetic imagination. Aml is currently shooting in Panama-a cinematic foray into the dangerous world of Haitian politics. As his many incarnations attest-from Roger White to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to his current transformation- The Imagined Life one on one coaching is a game changer taking you to the next level in your work and play. If you’re a professional actor and are seeking a coach to support you in opening up your imagination, empathy, text insights, emotional accessibility or to get back to the playful part of acting, you’re in the right place. We invite you to learn more about our coaching approach and apply to work with our team.

Aml Ameen

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