‌Javicia Leslie is a True Life Superhero

“While many acting classes attempt to teach students how to act, Diana guides us to true humanity. Reminding our empathetic nature to intuitively express and play. She brings us back to our childhood where our imagination runs wild.”
– Javicia Leslie

Javicia Leslie is a true life superhero. Her naturally empathic seeking spirit brought her to The Imagined Life where her work and life have been transformed. Her empathic nature, imagination, emotional accessibility and play spirit have been nurtured for six years in her ongoing acting class. Character insights have been sharpened through one on one coaching for the many roles Javicia is booking- including being the first African American Batwoman.

From Introductory Acting Workshop to ICON

Javicia has known since middle school that she was destined to make history. She attended our Introductory Acting Workshop in Los Angeles and found a home which has supported her in making her dream a reality. We are all so proud to celebrate Javicia as she embodied the title role in the CW series “Batwoman”, making her the first African American to essay this role in the DC Universe. Javicia is filled with a clear-eyed mission for the future, after having had the opportunity to hold the superhero mirror up for 4 different under-represented communities: children from foster care and LGBTQ black women. Javicia is thrilled for all the kids who finally get to see themselves represented on the screen and hopes we will see more diversity moving forward. “May this ignite fearlessness in EVERY child’s dream.” This is the hope of Javicia and all of us at The Imagined Life.

Transform your dream into a reality. LIVE your Imagined Life!

What action will you take today that your future self will thank you for? Javicia’s action to seek out the best acting teachers in Los Angeles transformed her life. It takes a dedicated team to support a bold vision. At The Imagined Life, Javicia and hundreds of other actors find the empathic support they need to turn their dreams into action. We look forward to supporting you! See you soon in our Introductory Acting Workshop in Los Angeles or online.

Javicia Leslie

Javicia Leslie

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