Audience favorite and a one on one coaching dream

“Diana’s brilliance is her peerless ability to comprehend the inner workings of the human spirit, and human relationships. She illuminates the intricacies of story with unmatched wisdom and clarity. Countless are the lessons Diana has taught me.”
– Matt Lauria

With more than 20 film and television credits and currently starring in his third season on the hit CBS show CSI:Vegas, one on one coaching client Matt Lauria is an audience favorite. His stellar incarnation starring as Ryan Wheeler for 40 episodes on the hit series Kingdom and his 360 degree turn from Ryan Wheeler to Ben Newton on Dickinson, as well as his “other Ryan” on Parenthood to Luke Cafferty on Friday Night Lights as well as all his credits beyond are a reflection of Matt’s extraordinary talent, unparalleled work ethic and a deep willingness to push himself beyond the comfort zone. Matt is a one on one coach’s dream.

From Acting Workshop to Acting Class to One on One Coaching

Matt started his journey at The Imagined Life like every student who passes through our doors. He began with The Imagined Life Introductory In-Person Acting Workshop in Los Angeles a decade ago. After being invited to attend our ongoing acting classes, and enjoying the rigors of transformation in our Tuesday night actors workshop, Matt became so in demand that we switched to coaching with his online acting coach Diana Castle.

Widen your empathetic embrace with the best acting teachers online and in Los Angeles

Matt Lauria is always interested in deepening and widening his empathetic embrace. He is dedicated to the work of The Imagined Life: Acting as The Art of The Empathetic Imagination not just for himself but for the sake of the entire storytelling team. Simply put, Matt cares. Every script excavated brings more and more of his great talent to the world. A world reflected back to his audience through his magnificent empathic humanity. As an online acting coach to Matt Lauria, Diana is thrilled to see all of his success and looks forward to working with you in a one on one coaching session. Book it here now!

Matt Lauria

Matt Lauria one on one coaching

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