“I’m so grateful to Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life. This philosophy, practical application and daily creative practice opens up a metamorphosis of the soul. I am forever changed thanks to Diana castle and my studio teacher Steve Tietsort. I feel more connected to the tapestry of the human condition, in ways that are indescribable. The Imagined Life acting studio is a place that gets you in touch with your ‘why’ and leads you back to your childlike heart and imagination. Steve has broadened my lens as an artist, enlightened me to profound insights about story and storytelling, and opened me up to the poetry all around me. Eternal gifts that keep on giving.”
Mariel Martinez


Mariel Martinez has been pursuing the craft of acting for a few years. She took several acting classes in Los Angeles, and throughout the years she always heard great things about The Imagined Life acting studio. It wasn’t until the third time she heard about it, that she finally decided to attend The Imagined Life Introductory Workshop with Diana Castle. Her only regret? That she had listened and taken the action sooner.

Since being at, what she calls, “the best acting studio in Los Angeles,” she has experienced the enrichment of her humanity. The credits she has amassed in her time studying with her online acting teacher and coach Steve Tietsort, reflect this growth. She booked her first feature film shortly after joining class. This has been followed by a slew of short films that have gone on to film festivals, along with TV credits, and commercial work.


Diana encourages all Imagined Life students to “stop seeking a method- and instead find a mission” She calls it “hooking your ambition to your mission.” As a former undocumented human, Mariel fell in love with acting because it gave her an opportunity to share her voice. It brought her out of the shadows, in a way that nothing else had been able to in her life. Connecting with her humanity at The Imagined Life acting studio has allowed her to explore ways to amplify one of her life’s callings.

She produced a fundraising video, in collaboration with Immigrants Rising, to provide mental health resources to the undocumented immigrant community. Steve’s support and guidance helped make this a reality. Mariel feels so grateful to have found an acting class in Los Angeles that truly teaches the expansiveness of empathy in every sense of the word. It has transcended her daily creative practice at home, and has filled every crevice of her human life.

Mariel Martinez

Mariel Martinez

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