Commitment and work ethic lead the way: Paige Annette

“There is no one like Diana Castle. She is one of a kind. There is no duplicate. Diana brings out your individual purpose and she helps you to water it everyday. You never stop learning, growing and evolving. My life has not stopped changing for the better since the day I started classes at Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life. Thank you Diana. Every compliment I get on set or through the opportunities I tape- I genuinely owe to you. Because even though I do the work- I wouldn’t know how to do the work without you.”
– Paige Annette

When dancer Paige Annette walked through our doors on the recommendation of a top agent at WME, we were immediately struck by her insatiable desire to learn and grow. Her commitment to transformation was apparent from day one. Her work ethic as a dancer, who has performed on world stages with Beyonce, Pitbull and Nicki Minaj to name a few, has been invaluable to her expansion as an actress. Her warm and supportive heart for the success of all of her fellow Imagined Lifers is a great example of the kinds of people you will meet in the empathetic environment of our Imagined Life acting classes.

Hard work and a heart that supports others pays off

From her first acting workshop to now being pinned, in callbacks, booking leads and recurring for the first time in her young career as an actress, Paige’s commitment and dedication to The Imagined Life philosophy and creative practice are certainly working for her! When a director saw Paige’s work on a tape, he knew had to have her in his film. The Aerialist is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and her star turn in “Weight of the World” based on the true life story of Mary Armstrong, as well as her roles in “Barefoot” and “Mourning Sacrifice” are all making a big splash on the festival circuit. From “Another Slave Narrative”, to “The Dancer” and now to her recurring role as Safiya in AMC’s ALL BLK series Lace- Paige is well on her way to seeing all of her hard work and dedication rewarded.

Never Give Up

“Never give up” is Paige’s motto. The ups and downs of this business can be a rollercoaster ride but Paige has a home base of support at The Imagined Life studio. A place where she can continue to learn, grow and take the risks necessary to yield the greatness within her. Her current passion is working on her British accent. She fell in love with the Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgerton series, and she has her eye on playing pretend in that world. We know Paige and we are confident that along with the support of her online acting teacher and acting coach- she will make that dream a reality.

Paige Annette

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