Desire and Dreams become Determination and Dedication

“Diana Castle is an extraordinary human being! Her approach to the craft of acting has opened my mind and heart in ways I cannot quantify. It’s like going from grayscale to color. Diana is a fountain of inspiration, a treasure trove of support. Diana sees you, she listens with her whole heart, and she meets you wherever you are, and guides you into the boundless worlds of story. I’m so thankful to be a part of The Imagined Life family.”
– Sam Malone

We celebrate this great actor and human being. With a dream in his heart, Sam Malone journeyed from New Orleans to Los Angeles for a two-week intensive 7 years ago. For 4 years, he made the cross-country trek for acting class intensives and then Covid offered him the unexpected opportunity for weekly online acting classes and one on one coaching. He’s a beloved member of Diana’s Wednesday night class.

From The Big Easy to the Big Screen

Since Sam Malone took his first acting workshop in Los Angeles at The Imagined Life, he’s amassed so many career wins including his “Moses” in Academy Award-winning director Barry Jenkins’ critically acclaimed limited series “The Underground Railroad,” on Amazon Prime, Netflix #1 feature film “Synchronic” performing alongside Anthony Mackie, and as the recurring Chris Cutler on Showtime’s Golden Globe nominated, biggest debuting show in Showtime history “Your Honor”, starring Bryan Cranston. Currently, Sam enjoys shooting his recurring role in The Big Easy on Parish and playing Dex in the popular BET series Kingdom Business.

You create the world you play in: from Tragedy to Triumph with Sam Malone

Sam is a true Imagined Lifer. His stellar work ethic, commitment to acting as the art of the empathetic imagination, explosive talent and open-hearted vulnerability make him a bright and shining star in every heart who encounters him. The transformative work that he is doing with online acting coach Diana Castle continues to deeply move people. Diana has mentored Sam through a tragedy that blinded him in one eye, into opening up the eyes of his profound insight. He is far from an actor with a “disability”. Sam has transformed tragedy into triumph through sharing his transcendent truth as an artist. As he writes in his testimonial, working with Diana is “like going from grayscale to color.” For more testimonials like Sam’s, check out our testimonials page here.

Sam Malone

Sam Malone

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