Courtney Hope: Newly Minted Daytime Emmy Award-Winner!

Working with Diana has given me an expansive understanding and a deepening of my empathetic capacity toward human condition and storytelling. I’ve gained more confidence in my ability to use my imagination as the vessel to a whole new realm of connection. My play spirit soars higher than ever, and I’ve grown immensely as a woman and an artist. Thank you Diana for your wisdom, patience and determination to help me take flight and fly free.
-Courtney Hope

Huge congratulations are in order for Imagined Lifer Courtney Hope. She just won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress on CBS’s The Young and the Restless!  Her role as Sally Spectra crossed over from CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful. She’s a master of her craft and a bonafide soap opera star!

The Road to Gold Begins With One Acting Class

We always knew she would garner this award! Diana has been her acting coach since 2016. Courtney’s diligence has led her to this moment. Yet even with all the accolades, she knows the real rewards are in the The Imagined Life daily creative practice, which are at the core of her work ethic and playing.

She has not only conquered the soap opera world but also holds an important place in the video game verse. You may recognize her voice as Beth Wilder in Quantum Break. Or as Jesse Faden in Control (available on PC, Playstation and XBox) – where she made history as the first female lead protagonist in the company’s game titles!

The Imagined Life has helped her wondrous sense of play remain intact. She knows what a lifeline it is for your artistic life, of which she notes, “My favorite thing to do as a child was lay on the concrete or grass and look up at the cloud filled Texas sky…our imaginations are so important and possibilities are endless if you focus on the beauty of life.”

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The opportunities are abundant when you walk confidently on the path to your dreams. That confidence is built daily thanks to our in-person and Zoom acting classes. There you lay down the brick that puts you en route to your goals. Your dreams are achievable! Courtney is a beautiful example of just that and more. Take the first step TODAY.

Courtney Hope


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