Francisco Froes-Multilingual Actor: From Lisbon to Los Angeles

More than an acting teacher Diana is a gifted human who will see through your soul. She completely transformed me as an actor. In my approach and in my sense of purpose. With her I stopped memorizing lines and started knowing the story by heart. With her I learnt about the responsibility and power we have as storytellers. With her, I stopped acting.
– Francisco Froes

Francisco Froes’ rendition of Biff in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman in our acting classes is just one of many extraordinary incarnations we have had the pleasure to witness as this extraordinary Portuguese actor went from booking American television commercials to the beautiful work he did in his starring role as Mario Pintor in the critically acclaimed film Parque Mayer and now to starring as Vasco Vaz Torres in the popular Portuguese television series Flor Sem Tempo. 

The dedication and spirit of Francisco Froes to transform himself- to open up his emotional accessibility and to empathize with alternative states of life is unparalleled. 

From Los Angeles to Lisbon

Francisco’s love of The Imagined Life and the transformation he experienced in his life and career with us inspired him to set up a meeting between renowned Portuguese casting director Patricia Vasconcelos and his acting coach and acting teacher Diana Castle. As a result, Diana began making trips to Lisbon to ACT-Escola de Actores to teach such well-known Portuguese actors, as Ines Heredia, Tiago Teotonio Pereira, Rui Pego, and Maria Monteiro, The Imagined Life philosophy and daily creative practice.

Online Acting Classes Worldwide

Francisco is a true Imagined Lifer and we look forward to continuing to support him in his every endeavor. He is an actor of tremendous heart and intellect, always seeking to bring the best of himself to the game. If you’re seeking transformation, and you don’t live in the USA, please know that our online acting classes and online acting coaching– The Imagined Life philosophy and daily creative practice- are available to you! It’s just a click away! 

Francisco Froes

Francisco Froes

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