Online acting classes from Atlanta to Auckland

Diana’s teachings, guidance and mentorship anchor me and keep me rooted in story. I deeply honour her guiding light with every performance-the legacy of her heart and work. How immensely grateful I am to have crossed paths with such a brilliant mind, soul and heart that is yours Diana!
– Cassandra Woodhouse

When the Covid pandemic hit we took The Imagined Life acting classes onto the zoom platform. And although we had conducted live workshops in NYC and LA for many years- the incredible benefit of zoom has been the opportunity to continue to work with our NYC clients weekly and the joy filled expansion of working with actors worldwide. Actors like our dear Cassandra Woodhouse in Auckland, New Zealand. From our introductory online workshop three years ago to her current participation in our online acting classes and one on one online coaching, Cassandra’s life and career has been transformed.

One Woman touring New Zealand

As Cassandra gained the tools and confidence from our acting workshops, she decided to mount a one-woman show and to go on tour with her newly formed New Zealand theatre company. She secured the rights to the play Hanna, coaching one on one with her online acting coach and hiring a prestigious director in New Zealand for her project. The reviews are in and she’s a smash hit everywhere she goes: “Spellbound” “Captivating” “Unforgettably heartfelt” This is stripped-down, raw and emotionally honest storytelling at its finest. An incredible achievement that you don’t want miss.” “One if the best things I have seen on the Auckland stage” “Cassandra Woodhouse single-handedly kept the audience entertained and absorbed in a beautifully crafted piece of theatre.” “Authentic, captivating, Astonishing” “Cassandra holds the audience In the palm of her hand the entire performance”.

Gratitude is The Greatest of all Virtues

Cassandra writes to her online acting coach: “I can’t begin to tell you how your teachings come to me in the strongest of ways when I need them most…I’m so grateful for the gift you have helped me develop. The coaching sessions I have with you are always of the highest value to me and guide me in the most transformative way.” We are all so proud of Cassandra and we look forward to her one woman transformance in the award-winning Prima Facie touring New Zealand in 2024! Congratulations Cassandra!

Cassandra Woodhouse


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