Daniel Bonjour : Family and Craft Light His Path

“Working with Diana is hard to put into words. She develops the very thing that so many claim cannot be taught. She encourages an internal artistic journey that directly translates into more honest and profound work.
Daniel Bonjour

Daniel Bonjour has graced your TV screens in a variety of shows. Diana’s very proud to see him recurring on ABC’s The Rookie and Hulu’s Black Cake. He’s also terrific as Trevor Dunn on NBC’s Quantum Leap. Alongside his television appearances, Daniel enjoyed playing Johnny in the Tribeca Film Festival Audience award-nominated, Venus as a Boy.

For Daniel, It’s More Than an Acting Class, It’s a Family Affair at The Imagined Life

Daniel came to the Imagined Life in 2015 by way of his wife – who has known Diana since she was 14!  Diana doesn’t normally work with underage actors but his wife’s agent sent her to Diana to be her acting coach. Flash forward to today, and she’s now Daniel’s wife, the mother of his two beautiful children, and still maintains a thriving modeling and acting career.

A familial bond brought Daniel to our doorstep, and we couldn’t be happier for all his success, both in his personal and professional life. Diana loves working with Daniel’s easeful presence and formidable intelligence. The camera loves him. He’s a deep thinking artist with an even deeper heart.

The Stage and the Screen Are Your Playground at The Imagined Life

Daniel’s versatility, and ease of play, shine both on stage and the screen. His recent theatrical foray understudying the role of Alan and Johnny in The Engagement Party at The Geffen, was a great success.

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Daniel Bonjour


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