LeShay takes the Best Acting Class in Los Angeles 

“The Imagined Life is a GIFT!  I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate both Diana and Steve’s dedication to demystifying the wonderful world of storytelling. My Craft, Heart, and Life have all transformed as a result of studying in this beautifully empathetic and fun space.”
– LeShay N. Tomlinson

LeShay N. Tomlinson was a working actor booking co-starring roles before she took our Imagined Life Introductory Acting Workshop with Diana Castle in an online acting class. She was invited into the ongoing online zoom acting classes with Steve Tietsort and their journey began. Steve nurtured LeShay’s natural talent and encouraged her to release some of the old habits that were no longer supporting her work, play and career. With Steve’s patience and persistence as a teacher working in tandem with her talent and professionalism, LeShay began to find her authentic voice. 

The Imagined Life Acting Workshop: from Co- Starring to Recurring

After beginning acting classes at The Imagined Life, LeShay soon booked her first series regular on the Disney Channel. As the creative collaboration between acting teacher Steve Tietsort and actress LeShay N. Tomlinson continued to deepen, she made the decision to stop auditioning for co-starring roles. It was a risk that paid off! She booked three guest starring roles on Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV. As their work continued to blossom, she found her way out of her conceptual ideas as an actress and realized the profound power of the human spirit using the philosophy, practical application and daily creative practice taught at The Imagined Life acting workshops. She found that her old ways were indeed holding her back and she allowed herself to learn anew. Her authentic expression began to permeate all the stories they explored together in acting class. 

Online Acting Teacher and Online Acting Coach Steve Tietsort and TIL Student LeShay N. Tomlinson: The Heart Transcends the Medium

Steve challenged LeShay in their online acting classes together as well as in their online acting coaching together. Steve encouraged LeShay to move beyond her familiar ways of presenting a product by embracing her natural empathetic imagination to the art of storytelling. This demystified so many ideas she had about the craft and expanded her joy and her life as an actor. LeShay recently booked a recurring guest starring role on a tv series shooting in Atlanta. She continues to participate in our weekly online acting classes from Atlanta as well as when she is in Los Angeles. LeShay continues to embrace and embody The Imagined Life philosophy of acting as the art of the empathic imagination. LeShay loves working with Steve and credits Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life for transforming her into the storyteller she is today. She’s excited to continue her journey at The Imagined Life with her online acting teacher Steve Tietsort and to continue the thrilling expansion of her work as an artist as well as the continued expansion of her career. 

LeShay N. Tomlinson


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