Ezekiel Pacheco: From Sundance to Stardom

“Steve and Diana have helped me rebuild my love for the craft. They took me in with open arms and showed me a new way to view this art form. It’s a reimagined way that opens your heart and mind. A true blessing.”
– Ezekiel Pacheco

Ezekiel Pacheco met Academy Award nominated actor Ed Harris at Sundance. Ed’s instinct told him that Ezekiel had talent, and so he urged him to take the best acting classes in Los Angeles– at The Imagined Life studio. Ezekiel began his journey by taking a one on one private introductory workshop and then continuing on with acting lessons. Ed Harris’ belief in Ezekiel is so great that he continues to sponsor his ongoing acting classes at The Imagined Life.

“At the Gates” of the best acting workshops and acting classes in Los Angeles

After a year of acting lessons, Ezekiel landed his first leading role in the film “At the Gates” and he has come out of those gates swinging! Lauded in The Los Angeles Times and in the online magazine Medium who writes:  “Ezekiel Pacheco turns in an impressively vulnerable performance. What a debut. Simply put: he’s a star. You come away certain you’ll be watching this young performer for a long time to come.”

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Ezekiel’s story inspires all of us to bravely live the life we imagine. He made the choice that his future self is thanking him for. We’re so excited about the future of this bright young talent as he continues to grow and deepen his craft. With the belief of the brilliant actor Ed Harris behind him and the continued support of his online acting class, online coaching and acting teachers at The Imagined Life- we are confident that Ezekiel’s star is on the rise. As Ezekiel says in his video, “I encourage anybody who wants to learn about human behavior, about the true craft. I’d advise you guys to come to The Imagined Life studio. I’ll see you guys there.” Sign up for our Introductory Acting Workshop here!

Ezekiel Pacheco

Ezekiel Pacheco

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